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Hog Wild Air Plane Kit

Hog Wild Air Plane Kit  | Electric Combat, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

Can you get your planes in a circle formation? Do you have the skill to fly the planes alongside each other, gently bumping wings at a...

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Hog Wild Painted Planes

Hog Wild Painted Planes  | Electric Combat, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA

Hog Wild Painted Planes are a hot item in the world of model aviation! Whether you’re interested in combat, trainer, or sport flying, we...

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Hog Wild Replacement Parts

Hog Wild Replacement Parts  | Electric Combat, Inc. - Los Angeles, CA,AR

Hog Wild replacement parts can be essential purchases with long-term owners. We strive to make it easy for our clients to access those parts...

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Welcome To Electric Combat, Inc.

Calling all aviation hobbyists! Here at Electric Combat, Inc. we take flying seriously. We have a long history of satisfying customers with our unique and time-tested design. Our model plane design has a rich history of improvement and innovation.

The earliest models of the Hog Wild plane were made of blue-foam. These models were great flyers on clear-sky days, but they did not last in combat. Much to the excitement of our growing fan-base (in Los Angeles, CA especially), a final design was released with many new upgrades and improvements. The new-and-improved design is made from a specially formulated and trademarked coroplast, which demonstrated the greatest durability and firmness. The design was simplistic and artistic from the start. Our product further evolved to be the effective flying machine that we produce today.

We pride ourselves on the Hog’s flying ability. The plane is quick to assemble. There will be no delay in getting your machine to fly.

The “kit” requires a few simple steps that anyone can manage:

• Glue the 2 vertical fins into place
• Glue the control horns into their proper position
• Paint the body of the plane as desired!

The PVC equipment tray is factory-installed. Alignment is no problem for the pig! Additionally, the (carbon fiber) wing spar is installed before you get your plane. We are proud of the high-functioning duo-brand pushrod control connectors that come in our product. To make your life easier, pushrods are pre-bent, the ends are deburred, and the motor mount is predrilled already, so before long, your hog wild plane can be airborne!

Be sure to distinguish its flight from other combat competitors and model aviation regulars. Each kit comes with decals and a detailed instruction manual. When you personalize your plane, consider custom paint jobs! Any paint will work well with the sturdy coroplast exterior.

Electric Combat, Inc. is renowned for being the only place “where pigs really do fly”! Order your plane today and find out how much fun you’ve been missing.

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